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Why Choose a Sprung Structure

When you choose to work with Sprung, you are choosing to work with the industry leader. In business for more than 120 years, we patented the stressed membrane structure more than three decades ago. Since then, we have helped businesses, industries and governments in more than 90 countries find a better solution for their building needs.

Better Materials Make a Better Building

Sprung's signature quality building components mean long-term quality and lower ongoing costs. Our approximately 2 million square feet of inventory ensures rapid delivery and project completion.

Our Commitment to the Environment

Sprung is committed to manufacturing environmentally sound products.

Our care for the environment extends beyond our product to include the way we operate our business. We are constantly increasing our "green" awareness and implementing policies and practices throughout our organization that help keep the Earth in mind.

We have also documented features that support your efforts to obtain LEED® certification including: recycled content, energy performance, durability, construction waste management and deconstructability. This means that an independent, international group has recognized our structures and building strategies for their environmental and health performance.

The Sprung Guarantee

All of our structures include a pro-rata guarantee of 30 years on the aluminum substructure and up to 20 years on the architectural membrane.

Flexibility Unlike Any Other Structure

Investing in a Sprung structure opens up a world of options you may not have even considered, but which could prove very beneficial when the time comes.

Ready to Move When You Are

Our structures are designed and engineered for ease of movement. Sprung structures can be assembled and disassembled in sections and re-configured for different applications.

Since they can be relocated, often the same structures can serve many different purposes at many different sites.

Change Made Simple

If your space needs change over time, your Sprung structure can change with them. Its modular design allows you to add modules, thereby adding square footage to your building.

Limited Foundation Requirements

The lightweight aluminum substructure reduces the size of footings or foundations when compared to conventional steel buildings, and provided appropriate soil conditions exist, less permanent applications require no subsurface foundations for structures up to 160 feet wide.

The Long-Term, Lower-Cost Solution

Our structures are cost-competitive from the start, but we know that up-front costs are only part of the picture. That's why Sprung structures are better for your long-term bottom line.


Sprung's high performance architectural membrane is designed to keep warm air in, and cold air out ? combined with our superior climate-controlled insulation system, our structures' low air permeability can yield up to 45% savings on your energy bills compared to pre-engineered metal buildings and other conventional structures.

All of our Sprung structures are tested for air tightness, which is a measure of a building's resistance to the inward or outward movement of leaking air across the building's envelope.

Because differential pressures like internally rising warm air, external wind, and mechanical ventilation systems within a structure can all contribute to air leakage, this leakage can result in a cold interior environment and increased energy consumption. A PVC-coated fabric on both the interior and exterior of the structure provides five times the air tightness of a conventional building, increasing the efficiency of the insulation and lowering HVAC and other operating costs.

Virtually Maintenance-Free

Our Tedlar- and Kynar-coated architectural membranes are virtually self-cleaning, and the long-lasting, attractive finish means no refinishing of your interior or exterior walls.

One Building to Last a Lifetime

Our aluminum substructure has an almost indefinite lifespan, and our architectural membranes have more than a 30-year lifespan ? comparable to a high-quality roof on any conventional building.

Financial Options to Fit Every Project

Sprung offers you the option to purchase, or lease with the option to purchase. These flexible payment options can reduce up-front capital investment to provide you with significant cash flow advantages.

Leasing provides you with a cost-effective solution for temporary, semi-permanent and permanent applications.

General Questions

Is it a tent?

No. The Sprung structure is an engineered stressed membrane structure, the result of more than three decades of research and development.

It is constructed of extruded aluminum arches, integrally connected to an all-weather outer performance architectural membrane. This specialized membrane is certified flame-retardant. Structures are engineered to withstand high wind loads and designed to shed snow.

With over a century of experience, Sprung delivers the most reliable, versatile and technically advanced structures available in the world.

What architectural features of the building make it superior?

As evidenced by the more than 12,000 installations worldwide, the Sprung structure benefits from lower capital costs, lower energy demands and lower life-cycle costs. Built with a 20-plus year performance architectural membrane and a non-corroding aluminum substructure, it also features exceptional durability and proven long-term performance.

How are the acoustics?

Sprung structures have been used successfully on hundreds of acoustically sensitive applications. The curved profile of the structure creates an interior free from conventional flat walls and corners. The soft interior fabric walls effectively absorb sound, resulting in outstanding acoustic properties.

Does it meet the building code?

The Sprung structure is designed to meet most building code requirements around the globe. Once you are ready to proceed, we will supply a comprehensive permitting package, complete with drawings and supporting calculations, all stamped by a licensed engineer certified in your region.

After placing your order, these drawings are provided free of charge for most applications.

Who oversees the project?

Once a contractor is chosen, our technical consultant will remain on-site during the build to monitor the project throughout construction to ensure quality is never compromised and your structure is erected to our exacting standard.

A Sprung Technical Consultant attends to your site from start of erection, to completion to ensure that your structure is erected to our engineering standards.


How fast can a Sprung structure be erected?

We inventory up to 2 million square feet of product for immediate delivery. Structures can be erected at a rate of up to 1,000 square feet per day for insulated structures, and 2,000 square feet per day for non-insulated structures.

The entire project takes a fraction of the time compared to conventional construction alternatives.

Energy Efficiency

Is the building energy-efficient?

The Sprung building system, with R-25 to R-30 ratings, outperforms other types of construction methods, resulting in improved year-round lower operational costs. There is almost zero air leakage which owes to Sprung's unique design and superior insulation.